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So, recently, I’ve been hearing a ton of meowing by our tent. Not odd, we do have two cats, and there a ton of ferals, but it had been going on for hours. Finally, I called for the cat, since it soon became obvious it wasn’t Cass or Marie, and it came out.

It was an itty-bitty little ginger kitten.

The cutie ran inside, then saw me and slipped back out, but Cass kept meowing trying to coax him back inside. He ate some of my cat’s food while I was asleep, since more food was gone than what normally is when I wake up. But Cass has been running around meowing trying to get his little buddy to come back, and the wittle guy kept meowing back. I’m dubbing him Tennant, but I’m still not sure if it’s a tomcat or not since I couldn’t get close. I kinda hope he gets comfy and decides to be a pet, he’s so cute and my dad really likes ginger cats, and my cats really seem to love him.


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